Things that are not in Abingdon

All these places are within the postal town of Abingdon, but just outside of Abingdon itself.

Tilsley Park – in Sunningwell
Radley Lakes – in Radley
Rye Meadow – in Culham (although the lock is in Abingdon) and the Henley constituency
Abingdon Town FC – in Culham (a small stretch of the bank is in Abingdon)
Maud Hales Brdige – in Culham and the Henley constiuency
New Cut Mill – in Drayton and the Wantage constituency
Abingdon Common –  in St. Helen-without and the Wantage constituency
Dalton Barracks –  in St. Helen-without and the Wantage constituency

The postal town covers a significant area from Longworth to the edge of Berinsfield.