Northcourt Wiggle

Name: Northcourt Wiggle
Description: Abingdon-Oxford Road-Long Furlong-South Av-Holland-Sellwood-Northcourt-Harcourt-Herons-Darrell-Lenthall-Boxhill-Fitzharrys-Kingston-Motte-Abbey Close-Abingdon Market Place
Total distance: 6.01 km
Download file: 5k87.gpx

Abingdon Shorty Lefty

Name: Abingdon Shorty Lefty
Description: Once you're on Park Road, all the turns are lefts, which are easier than rights! If you're unconfident, walk with bike from Market Place to Stratton Road crossing.
Total distance: 3.11 km
Download file: 3k04.gpx

Exploring Caldecott

Name: Exploring Caldecott
Description: From Abingdon Market Place, head south. Do bits of Caldecott Road, Saxton Road and Gainsborough Green, Caldecott Rec, then head back.
Total distance: 5.38 km
Download file: 5k.gpx

Just a test

Abingdon to Stanford In The Vale

Name: Abingdon to Stanford In The Vale
Description: Abingdon, Drayton, Steventon, Hanneys, Stanford, Pusey, Fyfield, Gozzard's Ford, and home again.
Total distance: 44.75 km
Download file: 44k.gpx