Abingdon Charter

THE CHARTER OF INCORPORATION GRANTED BY PHILLIP & MARY, A. D. 1556. Phillip and Mary, by the Grace of God King and Queen of England, Spain, France, of both Sicilyes, Jerusalem, and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith, Arch Dukes of Austria, Dukes of Burgundy, Milan and Brabant, Earls of Haspurge, Flanders and Tirol. Whereas our […]

Things that are not in Abingdon

All these places are within the postal town of Abingdon, but just outside of Abingdon itself. Tilsley Park – in Sunningwell Radley Lakes – in Radley Rye Meadow – in Culham (although the lock is in Abingdon) and the Henley constituency Abingdon Town FC – in Culham (a small stretch of the bank is in Abingdon) Maud Hales Brdige […]